Imrest OÜ is a family company led by the man of the house, Imre, whose Imre toohoos love of working with his hands and interest in woodwork and timber technology led him to become a furniture restorer. Fully qualified for the position, Imre graduated from Tallinn Construction School in 1996, having studies under the legendary Rein Tedrekull. Inspired by his mentor, Imre pours boundless enthusiasm and dedication into his work, often to the tiniest of tiny details. As a result, what he does takes time – but is guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality.

Imre toohoos

Imre has now been honing his skills in the art of restoration for more than eleven years, sometimes with great success, sometimes less so, and although he’s lost count of how many jobs he’s done, he’s sure it’s more than 800. The most memorable of them can be seen here on our website.

Since there has been such surprising demand for Imre’s services, he decided to set himself up as a proper business in 2009. Making their own contributions from time to time, under Imre’s direction, are his wife Kristi and their two children Andreas and Berit, and further help is drafted in whenever needed for bigger jobs.